State of the Union


Six months ago today, I officially declared War Against Cash.

Here’s what you and I have accomplished together, and what’s next in our war…


Body Count:

Facebook followers: 280.
Instagram followers: 366.
Page views in the first 90 days: 1,617.
Number of posts: 42.

Most popular post to date: Man Vs Savings Gimmicks
Most popular topic suggested by you: Woman Vs Cash

Regions we’ve explored:

Battles I have won:giphy

  • Student Loan. = March 2017
  • Credit Card Debt.
  • Furniture Loan.
  • Husband’s car.
  • My Car.
  • The Mortgage.


Next battle sites in 2017:

  • Pay off student loans.
  • Pay off credit card debt.
  • Pay off furniture loan.
  • Reach 500 followers on social media.
  • Continue my war against cash.

War and peace.

When I made my first post six months ago, I planned to use Man Vs Cash to hold myself accountable to becoming debt free in 2023, while teaching others a thing or two about money along the way.

This page has grown into so much more than I ever intended.

I never planned to affect anybody, and I never thought that you would share such amazing stories of your financial successes.efacb2fe1175f2ef49035b2d011a260a

Through this page, your suggestions, encouragement, and determination… we have helped numerous people and families grow financially.

Here’s some of my favorite stories that my readers have created:

  • “I am no longer living paycheck to paycheck!”
  • “We are going on our first family vacation. We’ve never had a family vacation before.”
  • “I was able to get my own place.”
  • “I don’t fear my bills anymore.”
  • “I am now saving over $400 a month.”

Seriously guys… this is why I keep writing and answering your questions.


Before I go any further…

Thank you. Sincerely.



Starting today, I will be playing with the format of this site and our social media pages.tumblr_inline_mz1zk9icgu1rs4nv6

You can expect some changes, and possibly some departures from the way I have done things so far.

Along the way, you’ll also start seeing more personal stories, routine content, insider secrets, fresh images/logos, and more 1 on 1 contact from me. (I’m a real person over here, you know!) I will also be exploring audio posts, video posts, mini-seminars, free downloadable content, and potentially podcasting.

Currently, I am operating every aspect of this site for free. So, if you have benefited from any of our free content, please consider becoming a patron by clicking HERE. Your pledges will only be used to offset operational costs, stay relevant, and help us grow.  That’s it.

Yes… some changes will be brilliant, and others will feel very redundant at first, but bear with me and please offer your feedback as we journey towards finding a new space and voice.

The future is bright…and Man Vs Cash will always help you fight the good fight.


Join The War.


This is your call to arms. Stay strong, and stay focused.

We have both come so far in the last six months, haven’t we?

Although the war is far from over, so many of us have experienced amazing victories that seemed impossible just one year ago. This is proof that we can all have the strength and power to stop feeling broke and start living in a world where money isn’t our enemy.

What money battle have you won lately? Share it with me and I will add you to the Success Story hall of fame: Click HERE to share!


Strength in numbers.

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Enlist today. 

If you haven’t joined the war against cash… your future self asks that you do.

The first battle is yours to win.
All you have to do is show up.

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