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Set your goals.

Prioritize every single dollar.

Identify areas you’re overspending.

Make your money work for you!

UPDATE 6/25/2017:
I have made a crucial change to the structure of the spreadsheet that fixed a bug that was throwing off your math. If you downloaded the version prior to today, please update it with this version. Thanks!


There are dozens of free budgeting spreadsheets online, but I wanted to help you in a different way by giving you an expert guide on how much you should be allocating towards various expenses, and how you’re doing with month-to-month feedback. This tool does exactly that!

You are empowered to prioritize your financial goals while knowing how much you’re spending in each category per month, in relation to your total income.

If this is your first time deciding to make a plan for your money, start with THIS post so you can hit the ground running!

Start with the current month and fill it out to the best of your ability. I recommend doing “zero based” budgeting by making every single dollar have a job, and not leaving anything left over…even if it means saving anything extra (look what I did there).


App Availability:

If you are interested making this tool available on your smartphone… check out the Google Docs app and save this spreadsheet to your drive! This is what I do to access my own budget 24/7 anywhere in the world!





Download: Your Monthly Budget

This budgeting tool was created with Microsoft Excel 2007 on a Windows 10 computer and is compatible with newer versions of the program.

Looking for an app?

Download Google Docs and open your spreadsheet in that file.

Google Docs:

Andriod | IOS



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