Quick Tips: Make money while you clean

Check out these spring cleaning tips that will also
save you hundreds of dollars per year!

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  • Kitchen
    • Vacuum refrigerator coils: Dust that builds up on refrigerator coils can cause the motor to work harder, using more energy.
    • Clean oven and range: A range or oven darkened from heavy use absorbs more heat, reducing its efficiency.


  • Hallways
    • Clean or replace HVAC filters: A dirty filter will slow air flow and cause your system to use more energy.
    • Replace smoke and carbon monoxide detector batteries: Replace batteries in all detectors at least once a year.


  • Garage
    • Move flammables: Clear away flammable materials and liquids from gas furnaces and other heat sources.
    • Clean out dryer ducts: Blocked dryer ducts make your machine work harder than necessary.


  • Outdoor
    • Call 811: Locate underground utility lines before digging any holes in the yard.
    • Have solar panels cleaned: Having panels cleaned once a year can help maintain their output potential.


More info: Pacific Gas & Electric Tips

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