Man Vs Budgeting Apps

The golden rule of financial freedom is simple: Spend less than you earn.


Lucky for you, we live in the year 2017.

Here’s some money apps that do ALL THE WORK with your cash,
so you don’t have to!

Spending less than you earn sounds easy, but when you count every item that you spend money on, record it, and track it every 30 days…it’s easy to get completely lost and confused.

For me, I have an Excel spreadsheet that is available online/offline on my computer, tablet, or my phone. I have been using and building it for over five years, so it’s become highly customized to my needs.

However, if the word “Excel” scares you, or if you have struggled to physically keep up with a budget… here’s some popular apps that will do the hard stuff for you.

Don't think that you need a budget? Here's some SIGNS that you do.

Mint Budgeting App


A well known name, Mint is a good app because it builds the budget for you by connecting to your bank or credit union account and using your details to create a personalized spread.

Mint will also send you warnings or alerts if something weird happens, and can visually illustrate how money is coming and going.

Good Budget


This app is essentially an envelope system that lets you manage your money without carrying around cash or a stack of envelopes. Your budget will automatically update across any device and help you figure out a plan to save for the things you want.



Link your bank or credit union account to begin, and this app will help you keep your cash on track. From the app, you can pay your bills and manage your money 24/7.

It also has the ability to monitor your spending habits and keep track of receipts so you can see how you’re doing right now…not in the morning.

PocketGuard Budget


Another app that connects directly to your bank or credit union account, it allows you to always know your recent transactions and balance.

The app outlines how you spend your money, and how much you’re spending towards various things (clothing, housing, food, etc).

If you are wanting to find ways to cut back and save money, this is a no-brainer approach.

Don't know where to start with your cash? Start HERE

Be aware that, although they’re free, most of them will ask you to upgrade or try to sell you various optional tools.

Be mindful that some apps may focus on different needs or options such as credit card rewards, investments, and more.simple-budget_checkup

Likewise, if you don’t feel comfortable syncing up your account information… try to find an app that lets you manually input your info. Moral of my story… find what works for you.

Disclosure: As I mentioned, I run my own software and do not personally use any of these apps every single day. These apps also did not compensate me for mentioning them. Try it out. Delete them. Do whatever works for you.

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