Quick Tip: Want a decent $1,000 car?


It’s not as hard as you think…



If you have browsed online forums or car dealers lately in search of a cheap vehicle, you’ve seen how far $1,000 will get you. Hint: It’s not very far.


Before we begin, I want to stress the fact that



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You should always have a pre-purchase vehicle inspection or consult with somebody who is an expert with vehicles prior to putting up your own cash for any used car, no matter how nice it looks.

Why? There’s dozens of ways that I have personally seen somebody pass off issues onto an unsuspecting buyer. Here’s three examples:


Check Engine light on? Do you know how to tell if this warning light has been tampered with or even unplugged? Turn the car to “Accessory” mode (one notch before it starts) and look at all the lights that illuminate. If your check engine light isn’t one of them… you’ve got a reason to be suspicious.
True mileage? Software that’s free on google, a high mileage car, and a seedy attitude is all you need to knock 50,000 miles off your odometer. An easy way to tell if this has happened is by checking for wear on hard-to-replace visual parts such as brake/gas petals, door handles, knobs, or the steering wheel. If you find excessive wear for a “lightly used low mileage” car… you’ve got a reason to be suspicious.
Warmed Up Car? If you start a cold engine (that hasn’t run in the last 2 hours), you can listen for a worn-down starter, fuel delivery issues, or components that make noise but smooth out when the engine is hot. If you test drive a car that’s already been brought up to normal operating temperature, especially if there wasn’t a reason that it should be (it’s for sale at a car dealership and wasn’t driven to meet you somewhere)… you’ve got a reason to be suspicious.


Now… interested in that $1,000 car?

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