My Debt Free Dream Board


Working to be debt free isn’t going to be a fruitless labor.

Here’s my Dream Board of all the ish that I am going to do when I don’t have bill collectors waiting on me anymore.


A dream board (aka: vision board) is a visual tool that serves as a guide to my goals for the future. It’s, quite literally, a visual representation of my dreams and ideal life.



It keeps me focused. Really. I’m sacrifcing every day to become debt free, but what happens when I reach my goal? This board is what happens next… I LIVE MY LIFE!




Glad you asked! 😉

Let’s check it out.

NEW CAR: Honda S2000

I have wanted one of these since I was 10 years old.

I’m a big Honda fanboy, and this car is an enginerring feat. It’s got a perfect 50/50 weight distribution, keyless ignition (almost a decade before other mainstream models had it), and timeless style. When I was a used car salesman, I finally had the chance to drive one, and i’ve been hooked ever since.

These things don’t decrease in value, and i’m not quite mentally stable enough to pay $20,000 for a decade old car. But, ask me how much I suddenly prioritize the s2000 when i’ve got thousands of dollars sitting around in my savings account because it’s not owed to my debts anymore!

TRAVEL: Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Mother Malaysia.

The birthplace. The home of my maternal family that I haven’t seen since the year 2002.

Flights to Malaysia are usually north of $1,000 (per person before spending money), and you don’t fly for 23 hours to the opposite side of the Inernational Date Line for a weekend getaway… you travel there for a couple of weeks, at least.

I’m not quite ready to drop the dough for the trip and I’ve yet to find a job that would let me take the solid month off of work that i’d like. But… when i’m debt free and not required to keep my current salary, I hope to prioritize seeing my family on the other side of the world.

CONCERTS: See Queen Bey

I’ve wanted to see Beyonce in concert for about 10 solid years, but my nosebleed-seats budget doesn’t fit in with my burning desire to be so close to the stage that my hair gets blown off by her stage fans.

My husband tried to get us tickets to her show in Atlanta, Nashville, or Ohio last year. Tickets for “meh” seats were north of $250 per person. I love Beyonce, but not $500+ (plus hotel/travel costs).

When i’m debt free, $500 won’t be two month’s of car payments… it will be 2 tickets to Beyonce. Bet.

MOVE: Annapolis, Maryland

My husband and I are obsessed with the Washington DC area. The cost of living is astronomical compared to Tennesse, but it’s the only place that we’ve traveled and said “we could seriously live here”, even when you take off the rose-colored vacation glasses and factor in the negative things like heavy traffic.

Right now, we can’t afford to relocate. It would involve one of us landing a job in the area and moving up while the other one stays in Tennessee (working) while our house sells or rents out. From that point, we’ll be cutting back and juggling money while we rebuild every single root of our life in the new city.

Relocation costs. Apartment down payments. Furniture. Registration. Groceries. Doctors. Etc.

That takes cash. Most of our cash is tied up in paying debt down, but when there’s no debt, suddenly the math makes sense to move.

One day.




If you weren’t held down by your debts, how would you be living your life?


Find my complete and ever growing “debt free” dream board on the Man Vs Cash Pinterest page! 🙂


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