Introducing: Cash Talk Podcast

I’d like to introduce my longtime friend, self declared financial expert, and podcast co-host Missy to the Man Vs Cash family!

We have been working hard to bring this podcast to you, and it’s officially available in Apple Podcast (formerly iTunes), Stitcher, and wherever great podcasts can be found!

Using our 15+ years of Finance experience to make your life easier!


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Cash Talk is a perfect fit to everything you’ve read about me over the last year.

The goal is the same… giving you TWO financial insider’s perspectives on everything on the topic of cash.

We have posted multiple episodes up front, so be sure to binge them all and let me know what you think!


Some upcoming topics on the show:


-Talking about money with your significant other.

-Merging money and your children.

-Cutting costs with your bank, and making sure you always get the lowest interest rates.

-Smooth talking your way into a higher salary

-Managing a credit card the right way, and not the expensive way.

-Getting out of debt asap.

-Insider secrets to saving money the fastest ways possible.


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