My name is Adrian J. Hall

Q: Who are you?

I am a 20’something career finance guy and mortgage lender in Knoxville, Tennessee USA

Q: Why do you blog about personal finance?

In the summer of 2016, I realized that we were broke.

We had a 3 bedroom home in the suburbs with 2 expensive cars in the drive-way and $16 in our savings account. No kidding.

Even though we earned $65,000 per year and had zero children, we were living so close to the edge…so paycheck-to-paycheck that we regularly counted down the hours until our direct deposit hit. We spent our mortgage payment money to buy groceries or gasoline. On the outside, we were fine, but we were teetering.

In October of 2016, I started this website as a place to publicly declare that I was done “acting like I had it all together” and was officially getting it together. It only took a few posts on this website to realize that I wasn’t alone.

Since then, I have helped over 4,000 people reach their financial goals (for free) by learning from my mistakes and utilizing my banking background to challenge each of us to criticize the way we think about money, as a society.

Q: Why were you $50,000 in debt?

Lots of reasons. Here’s a few:

  • I bought a $20,000 car to avoid making a $3,000 car repair. Read about it here.
  • I got new furniture and spent $4,000 on credit. Here’s that story.
  • I bought a laptop with a credit card that turned into 29.99%. My story is here.

I spent tomorrow’s money to buy things today.

Some purchases were things I needed but couldn’t afford to pay cash for, and some things I justified why it was worth getting into debt for. Plain and simple. Basically, I got into debt doing the same things that the majority of Americans do every day…by trying to survive and live a comfortable life.

On February 14, 2018… I officially became debt free.

Read all about my debt free journey HERE.

Q: What about your credit score?

At the lowest point, around March of 2012, I had a 503 credit score.

Nowadays… my credit score is in the high 700’s. What changed? I took responsibility for my actions, paid off bad debts, and re-established my credit with excellent payment history.

Q: How do you teach others to do the same?

Blog posts, social media, seminars, podcasting, videos, media interviews… anywhere I can find a place to speak, I do. I talk openly about my mistakes, the things I’ve learned, what I have witnessed, and tricks that I have picked up through my career.

Although I do occasionally charge a nominal speaking fee, I make all of my advice over digital means 100% free.

Q: Okay, but you do mortgages, right?

Right. That’s my “9 to 5”. I’m a career finance guy, after all.

The first five years of my finance career was centered around auto loans, credit cards, and signature loans. Although loans can be a great tool to get ahead financially, the items you buy with these loans almost always decrease/depreciate in value–but you’re stuck owing the full balance.

I transitioned into residential mortgage lending in 2016 partially because it aligned with my real estate passions, but mostly because I didn’t enjoy making my living off of putting others in debt on depreciating assets.

Since you brought it up, this website contains my personal opinion only and is not a reflection of any company or organization.

Q: What other things do you do?

Networking: I currently serve on the board for the Young Professionals of Anderson County as the Communications Chair. In the past, I co-ran a networking group for financial professionals, hosted a financial education podcast, and have authored financial guidance articles for Out & About Nashville, Financialli Focused, The Lavender Table, among many other publications.

Activism: I am an outspoken advocate for LGBTQ+ equality, domestic abuse/survivor-ship, and economic empowerment. Although I am not currently considering seeking public office, I might in the future.

Hobbies: I like tinkering on cars, taking road trips, and playing Cities: Skylines & Rollercoaster Tycoon. I am a real estate investor, and aspire to have a million dollar net-worth by age forty. I am married to my best friend and am an avid dog-lover.

And i’m a total finance nerd, too.

Contact me.