Freeze your credit reports for free directly from your phone. Here’s how and WHY you need to.

Did you know that the three credit bureaus (Equifax, Experian, and TransUnion) are not government entities… they’re for-profit companies that aggregate your personal information and sell it to others? Point blank period. So, they don’t really care what happens to your identity…because they’ve already got theirs. Okay sure, we can fine them millions of dollars [...]

PSA: Don’t fall for those ”sexy” investing articles. It is entertainment, not investment advice.

Blockbuster and Netflix.Any stockholder and Apple.That one guy and Bitcoin.Like… what’s the actual point, here? There’s a LOT of sensationalism in investing and personal finance because it’s sexy to win and shameful to lose…but have you asked yourself if all this noise is purposeful?Blockbuster would have taken a huge gamble to buy Netflix because the [...]

We know not to compare ourselves to others. But, are you comparing others to yourself?

One thing I’ve learned over my time is that there is SO much more to personal finance than simply saying “cut your spending/invest/save money”. Before savings, Jay and I live off less than $45,000 per year. That’s $10.81 per hour, per person. We work to minimize our expenses, but at a certain point… you hit [...]

Yes, my husband and I have talked about divorcing and how it will impact our finances.

Yes, my husband and I have talked about divorce. One of the primary pillars in our marriage is transparency. Not the "lol i'll tell you anything" but rather, serious and raw transparency, and no topic is off limits. I lovingly refer to it as "spousal privilege" -- giving him the first right to know something...because [...]

How I turned auto loan "denials" into "approved" without a down payment.

When Jay and I were newly dating and neither of us had any cash, nor any credit, but we were in need of a second car... we were at a crossroads and we had to do something. Here's my crash course on finance/lending that turned our situation around.

Here’s 5 ways that I plan to save my money in 2020

Let’s stop feeling broke in 2020, mkay? If you’re off work or just hanging out between Xmas and NYE, then use this weekend to sit down and think things through. Here’s some things I’ve created a plan to save for in the new year. -Christmas: I’m putting $60 a month aside for holiday spending again [...]

Why are you still acting broke? Start changing today.

When I started paying off my 50k of debt, our net salary was 43k per year. Don’t act like you can’t pay off debt because you’re not rich. Start today, and start here.