5 tips to avoid being “finessed” during the upcoming economic bailout (the checks being mailed to you).

1. There are 329’ish million adults in the USA. The government isn’t going to contact you via text, Facebook, email, or phone calls to “sign up”. Uncle Sam ain’t got time for that. 2. The government operates with taxpayer funded money (simply stated). They are not going to charge you a fee, ask for a [...]

PSA: Does somebody know where the will, life insurance, passwords, and other items are?

Be the hero that your family needs you to be through life, and death, alike. Take a minute this weekend to organize your documents. Here's how my father's efforts saved my family.

Recession is coming. Are you saving money or spending it?

For half of the decade, they’ve been calling for a recession. Not 1929 or 2008 style, but a standard cylindrical cooloff. I never got spooked, however, last winter I noticed large companies were gearing up for an economic downturn. So I started doing the same to my own personal finances and started stacking my cash [...]

Can’t afford to make an extra payment? Do this, instead.

Mortgage rates are the lowest they ever been in American history right now, but interest paid is still almost always money lost, right? Here’s the fix. I have known the tip of “make 13 payments” for ages, but I’ve never had an extra payment just lying around to pay as a lump sum, so I [...]

Freeze your credit reports for free directly from your phone. Here’s how and WHY you need to.

Did you know that the three credit bureaus (Equifax, Experian, and TransUnion) are not government entities… they’re for-profit companies that aggregate your personal information and sell it to others? Point blank period. So, they don’t really care what happens to your identity…because they’ve already got theirs. Okay sure, we can fine them millions of dollars [...]

PSA: Don’t fall for those ”sexy” investing articles. It is entertainment, not investment advice.

Blockbuster and Netflix.Any stockholder and Apple.That one guy and Bitcoin.Like… what’s the actual point, here? There’s a LOT of sensationalism in investing and personal finance because it’s sexy to win and shameful to lose…but have you asked yourself if all this noise is purposeful?Blockbuster would have taken a huge gamble to buy Netflix because the [...]

We know not to compare ourselves to others. But, are you comparing others to yourself?

One thing I’ve learned over my time is that there is SO much more to personal finance than simply saying “cut your spending/invest/save money”. Before savings, Jay and I live off less than $45,000 per year. That’s $10.81 per hour, per person. We work to minimize our expenses, but at a certain point… you hit [...]