Can’t afford to make an extra payment? Do this, instead.

Mortgage rates are the lowest they ever been in American history right now, but interest paid is still almost always money lost, right? Here’s the fix. I have known the tip of “make 13 payments” for ages, but I’ve never had an extra payment just lying around to pay as a lump sum, so I [...]

Freeze your credit reports for free directly from your phone. Here’s how and WHY you need to.

Did you know that the three credit bureaus (Equifax, Experian, and TransUnion) are not government entities… they’re for-profit companies that aggregate your personal information and sell it to others? Point blank period. So, they don’t really care what happens to your identity…because they’ve already got theirs. Okay sure, we can fine them millions of dollars [...]

Why you shouldn’t count on the economy to make you rich.

Unemployment is historically low. The stock market is producing unprecedented returns. Banks are paying out great interest rates. Income taxes are reduced.   That's great, but why are we all still broke?   Here's the lessons you need today to prosper tomorrow. My parents grew up poor. I do not write about other people's stories [...]

7 Steps To Buying Your First House

A majority of Americans want to buy a house someday. But how can you pull that off with our stagnant wages and student loan debt? Here's the 7 crucial steps you must do to qualify to buy a house.   Disclosure: Yes, I am a mortgage lender. No, I am not writing on behalf of [...]

0% Interest = Same As Debt

This morning, I was standing at my favorite hardware store buying paint and happened to overhear their morning staff meeting. One of the items that they focused on was encouraging their staff to promote the store's credit cards for their Fourth of July sales that are about to begin. I screamed inside. Do you know how [...]

Year Two: How much I paid off in 2017.

As the year 2018 approaches, it’s time to recap what kind of financial progress I made in 2017.   Spoiler: It was a good year to be my financial plan. #SorryNotSorry   For those of you who joined my journey this year, I started working to get out of debt in October of 2016 after [...]

Lenders Aren’t Your Best Friends. They’re Businesses.

After working nearly a decade in personal finance and consumer based lending; I have learned one crucial fact that I employ daily in my own private life: Getting “approved” for a loan will never mean that you can actually afford the loan.   Here's why you need to live by this rule. Getting “approved” for [...]