7 Steps To Buying Your First House

A majority of Americans want to buy a house someday. But how can you pull that off with our stagnant wages and student loan debt? Here's the 7 crucial steps you must do to qualify to buy a house.   Disclosure: Yes, I am a mortgage lender. No, I am not writing on behalf of [...]

How did the house on the “bad side” of town even get bad to begin with?

Have you ever sat down and asked yourself... why is there a "good" part of town, a "bad" part of town, and how this plays into your ability to earn wealth? Preface: This post is a little unconventional and subtle from some of my other personal finance articles. It highlights a history of wealth distribution in [...]

What I learned by moving from my home of 5 years.

"If you fail to plan... then plan to fail." Growing up, my mother used to tell me that. Success in life is granted to those who plan ahead. Even if you don't entirely know where you're going--always be aware of where you don't want to be. Around January of 2018, the finish line of our [...]

Adrian’s 5 Secrets To Staying Financially Strong

Rome wasn't built in a day, and neither was my financial freedom. Here's a few actionable tricks that I use every single day to make sure I am closer to being RICH than I am to being poor.   Be specific, and be intentional. When setting a goal, it feels natural to make a proud [...]

Cell Phone Payment Plans Are Awful.

Remember the days when you could drive down to your local cell phone store, flip open a few phones, play with features, and walk out with a FREE cell phone? I do. And after this year, I miss them. Here's our story on how a bucket of clams cost us hundreds of dollars, what we [...]

Quick Tip: Want a decent $1,000 car?

  It's not as hard as you think...     If you have browsed online forums or car dealers lately in search of a cheap vehicle, you've seen how far $1,000 will get you. Hint: It's not very far.   Before we begin, I want to stress the fact that ALL CARS ARE GUILTY UNTIL [...]

Man vs Rent To Own Homes

Rent To Own | Lease Purchase | Purchase Option ...a rose by any other name, right? Here's the reality about renting to own a house.   Q: What is rent to own? A: It's a contract that allows you to "rent" property for a while that you will ultimately purchase for a predetermined price.   Q: How [...]