Landlording: The First Tenants

It's been 9 months since my very first rental property was leased.We ended up $6,000 in the hole, animal control was called,  they've already attempted to break their lease...twice, we've had the home tested for mold, and as of this post... I gave them the notice that I intend to end their lease. ...that means [...]

Confession: My worth is more than $0

Y'all ever had that feeling where every time you make a little bit of progress, you take one giant step backward? That's been me financially for the last year. When I last wrote you all (in October's been a while, hasn't it?), I was home from my month long vacation, just starting my new [...]

Here’s what I learned after losing my job 3 days before my first house payment was due.

Have you ever done something completely right, but found yourself holding onto the metaphorical short straw? I just did. Here's the story on how my bet on a job put me in the unemployment line. In 2016, I left my employer of four years in pursuit of a higher paying job where I wasn't working [...]

What I learned by moving from my home of 5 years.

"If you fail to plan... then plan to fail." Growing up, my mother used to tell me that. Success in life is granted to those who plan ahead. Even if you don't entirely know where you're going--always be aware of where you don't want to be. Around January of 2018, the finish line of our [...]

Am I debt free yet?

My debt free journey is nearly over. In an unexpected move, my debt free journey is ending without paying off my car. Here’s why. In 2016, I assessed my financial situation and realized that I was making it by…but not really. I own a three bedroom with an actual yard in a strong school district. [...]

“Poor” Does Not Discriminate

From the years 2009 through 2011, I was in an abusive relationship, and I learned one crucial lesson that has affected every financial decision that I've made since: I learned what it was like to be poor.Not “I’m barely making my payments” poor, but rather having to choose between two things that I NEED because [...]

Why is there so much pressure to buy the perfect gift? Here's what i'm doing instead.

When did the holidays become so “stuff” driven? Like, seriously. Why is there so much pressure to buy the perfect gift? I'm not a fan. Here's what i'm doing instead. I could talk about “how we got here” but I don’t have any plans of turning my personal finance blog into the center for religious [...]