What The Sims taught me about making money.

Around the age of 9 years old, I stumbled across what would arguably the strongest addiction I have ever had: The Sims. Fifteen years later, I realized a pattern that each of my sim families always shared: Money, and loneliness. Here's the financial lessons I learned from my favorite video game of all time. At [...]

Speech: Is This The American Dream?

This weekend, I was honored to be invited to the Westside Unitarian Unversalist Church of Farragut, Tennessee and share my story of debt freedom, financial sustainability, and authenticity with their welcoming congregation. With their permission, I am sharing this speech with you.     Enjoy. -AJH

What happens when your partner earns more money than you…and makes it known?

If you've followed my recent blog posts, you know that I lost my job a couple of months ago. Although I was quiet about it at first, I am being public about it now...because it's a learning experience in my financial resilience and independence. The sudden drop of income has brought new challenges to my [...]

itDoesnt Work. – Why Multi Level Marketing isn’t for you.

When I was 18, I found a job opportunity to sell a product that was so lucrative, revolutionary, and profitable... I'd want to invite every friend and family member of mine to get in on the action. Here's the story how your friend from high school or church is going broke doing this. Around age [...]

How did the house on the “bad side” of town even get bad to begin with?

Have you ever sat down and asked yourself... why is there a "good" part of town, a "bad" part of town, and how this plays into your ability to earn wealth? Preface: This post is a little unconventional and subtle from some of my other personal finance articles. It highlights a history of wealth distribution in [...]

401k’s scare the hell out of me, and you should be concerned, too.

Are you afraid of your 401k? You should be. Question: Do you know how many Americans have saved enough money into their 401k’s from their early 20’s into retirement age, and had enough money to live on in their golden years? Zero. Seriously. Zero people have ever done this. Nobody. Not a soul. To be [...]