5 tips to avoid being “finessed” during the upcoming economic bailout (the checks being mailed to you).

1. There are 329’ish million adults in the USA. The government isn’t going to contact you via text, Facebook, email, or phone calls to “sign up”. Uncle Sam ain’t got time for that. 2. The government operates with taxpayer funded money (simply stated). They are not going to charge you a fee, ask for a [...]

401k’s scare the hell out of me, and you should be concerned, too.

Are you afraid of your 401k? You should be. Question: Do you know how many Americans have saved enough money into their 401k’s from their early 20’s into retirement age, and had enough money to live on in their golden years? Zero. Seriously. Zero people have ever done this. Nobody. Not a soul. To be [...]

Man Vs Home Ownership Hidden Costs

The American dream, right?  Four years ago, we traded our 2 door car and cute townhouse for picket fences and a hound dog in suburbia.  Here's the real things they don't tell you about owning a house.   My husband and I bought our house at age 21 and 22, respectively. Without debate, being a homeowner [...]

Man Vs Your Income Tax Return

Ballin' in February. Broke in March. Here are 6 things you SHOULD be doing with that Income Tax Refund.   It seems like just last month we were saying “Ho-Ho-Ho” and throwing away disgusting fruit pies… and now it’s time to do Adult Stuff like wait for your W2’s to be mailed, file those taxes, [...]