Success Stories

I want you to know that you blog has really improved my finances.

I’ve caught up on everything and the multiple bank account tip has helped me start saving $400 a month! I am no longer living paycheck to paycheck! I still live like I’m poor, but knowing I’m not is what’s important!

We are even going on a vacation this year. We have never had a family vacation. 



I love your blog!

It’s caused me to really evaluate my financial goals, spending and planning.

Thank you!



Dear Man v Cash,

I am a divorced, single, full time mother to a small child.

Full time, meaning, I have my son 24/7 and I have to shoulder all of the emotional and financial burdens. I went into marriage debt-free with a respectable credit score. Seven years later, I couldn’t qualify to borrow money for a stick of gum. Within the first year, I was able to pay off much of the marital debt that fell at my feet, because I was the only gainfully employed person between myself and my ex-husband. I didn’t know anything about building credit or trying to recuperate from living paycheck to paycheck.

With the help of this blog and a little sacrifice and perseverance I am happy to say, I was able to qualify for a car loan, which built up my credit to a point that I could secure a credit card a year later to continue my upward trend. I’m working out a budget that will help me save more money for an emergency fund and for a Christmas fund. My ultimate dream is to find a nice place for my son and I to live that is in a great school district. I can feel a goal that felt so far away finally in my reach. I don’t fear my budget or my bills anymore. I’m having to juggle my funds less and paying off other bills and debt in a timely fashion. I even made arrangements to pay off a large student debt I accrued! This is a huge step, because the old me would have continued to dodge their phone calls and billing statements.

I have a fresh outlook on my future, ready to attack the world, and I have you to thank, Please keep doing what you’re doing and I hope more people read up on your suggestions, ask questions, and feel the same relief I feel right now.


Divorced and no longer dependent.