Man Vs Budgeting Apps

The golden rule of financial freedom is simple: Spend less than you earn. Lucky for you, we live in the year 2017. Here's some money apps that do ALL THE WORK with your cash, so you don't have to! Spending less than you earn sounds easy, but when you count every item that you spend money [...]

Man vs Rent To Own Homes

Rent To Own | Lease Purchase | Purchase Option ...a rose by any other name, right? Here's the reality about renting to own a house.   Q: What is rent to own? A: It's a contract that allows you to "rent" property for a while that you will ultimately purchase for a predetermined price.   Q: How [...]

Man Vs Employment – Part 4 of 4

Part 4: Salary Negotiations Do you know your worth? If you don't, you could be leaving $10,000+ on the table. Here's some tips to getting the highest compensation possible. Part 1: Building a winning resume. - HERE Part 2: Standing out beyond other applicants. - HERE Part 3: Nailing the job interview - HERE Part 4: [...]

Man Vs 1 Down!

So... you have, or are about to, pay off your credit card. What happens now? Pay off other debts. If you owe on your car, student loans, mortgage, or whatever... keep the momentum going! The best part is that you've just freed up some cash to pay them off. Prioritize your loans according from highest [...]

Man Vs Credit Reports & Scores

  I don't care about my credit score.  You shouldn't either. Why? Find out here...   Everybody holds their cash close and their credit score closer.   Not me. I don't really care what my credit score is. I do, however, pay close attention to my credit report. You should too.   What's the difference? Credit [...]

Man Vs Your Income Tax Return

Ballin' in February. Broke in March. Here are 6 things you SHOULD be doing with that Income Tax Refund.   It seems like just last month we were saying “Ho-Ho-Ho” and throwing away disgusting fruit pies… and now it’s time to do Adult Stuff like wait for your W2’s to be mailed, file those taxes, [...]


 Are you ready to take control of your finances and stop feeling “broke” for a change? Growing up, we are taught about the Pythagorean Theorem, but not about how to file taxes or use a credit card. As a culture, we spend time comparing prices on gasoline and groceries on the shelf, but don’t do the [...]