Man Vs Budgeting Apps

The golden rule of financial freedom is simple: Spend less than you earn. Lucky for you, we live in the year 2017. Here's some money apps that do ALL THE WORK with your cash, so you don't have to! Spending less than you earn sounds easy, but when you count every item that you spend money [...]

Man Vs Employment – Part 3 of 4

Part 3: Job Interviews Here's some tricks to master your next job interview and get hired! Part 1: Building a winning resume. - HERE Part 2: Standing out beyond other applicants. - HERE Part 3: Nailing the job interview. Part 4: Negotiating your salary - Coming Wednesday, April 5th.   In Part 2 of our four-part [...]

Man Vs Credit Reports & Scores

  I don't care about my credit score.  You shouldn't either. Why? Find out here...   Everybody holds their cash close and their credit score closer.   Not me. I don't really care what my credit score is. I do, however, pay close attention to my credit report. You should too.   What's the difference? Credit [...]

Man Vs New Years Resolutions

What are you doing to improve your finances and stop being broke this year?   What COULD you be doing?     The only thing stopping you is...YOU.   Here's some things you should be doing this year: Build that dang budget, already! Seriously. A budget is the single strongest tool, and one of the [...]


 Are you ready to take control of your finances and stop feeling “broke” for a change? Growing up, we are taught about the Pythagorean Theorem, but not about how to file taxes or use a credit card. As a culture, we spend time comparing prices on gasoline and groceries on the shelf, but don’t do the [...]

How Man Vs Cash Buys a Car

I am a lifelong car enthusiast, and former car salesman. Want to know some of the car buying tips I use to save money? This is my Honda Accord. There are many like this, but this one is mine. I bought this car brand new with 76 miles on the odometer. This car has been [...]

Signs That You Need A Budget

If you, or someone you know, is doing any of these things... it's time to be an adult. You dread checking your wallet or bank account. If you are worried to see how much you've been spending, or how much money you have left, then this is an obvious sign that you need to make [...]