Man Vs Budgeting Apps

The golden rule of financial freedom is simple: Spend less than you earn. Lucky for you, we live in the year 2017. Here's some money apps that do ALL THE WORK with your cash, so you don't have to! Spending less than you earn sounds easy, but when you count every item that you spend money [...]

Man Vs Money Roadmaps

Do you want to make your money work harder for you but don't know where to begin? Have you tried a budget but struggled to make sense of it? This post is for you.   Let's cut the fluff and get right down to it...   Here's three flowcharts which spells out exactly what you [...]

Man Vs The Wedding Industry

In 2015, I tied the knot without breaking the bank. If you're getting married, you shouldn't overpay! Here's how I had a $2,000 wedding for 70 guests without cutting back on any of the magic. Note: Since I am referring to my husband in pre-and-post marriage, I'm just going to refer to him as husbae in [...]

#IWokeUpLikeThis and decided to change my life.

I am going to be 31 years old own my home outright. On the outside, i'm feeling like Beyonce. But on the inside... ...i'm feeling alone. But seriously. I am feeling alone here. One year ago I decided that it was time to get serious about my money. I lost count of how many times [...]

Man Vs 1 Down!

So... you have, or are about to, pay off your credit card. What happens now? Pay off other debts. If you owe on your car, student loans, mortgage, or whatever... keep the momentum going! The best part is that you've just freed up some cash to pay them off. Prioritize your loans according from highest [...]

Man Vs Paying Off Student Loans

The total outstanding student loan debt in the US is 1.2 trillion. That’s trillion with a “T”. Trillion with twelve zeros. $1,200,000,000,000+. I can't reduce the national average, but I can offer some creative tricks to paying off your student loans faster.   Student loan debt is the second-highest level of consumer debt behind only mortgages. [...]

Signs That You Need A Budget

If you, or someone you know, is doing any of these things... it's time to be an adult. You dread checking your wallet or bank account. If you are worried to see how much you've been spending, or how much money you have left, then this is an obvious sign that you need to make [...]