Man Vs Home Ownership Hidden Costs

The American dream, right?  Four years ago, we traded our 2 door car and cute townhouse for picket fences and a hound dog in suburbia.  Here's the real things they don't tell you about owning a house.   My husband and I bought our house at age 21 and 22, respectively. Without debate, being a homeowner [...]

How Man Vs Cash Buys a Car

I am a lifelong car enthusiast, and former car salesman. Want to know some of the car buying tips I use to save money? This is my Honda Accord. There are many like this, but this one is mine. I bought this car brand new with 76 miles on the odometer. This car has been [...]

Man Vs Credit Inquiries

How does it affect your score? How many times is too many? Who cares? If you've had any doubt on this topic... get ready to have your questions answered.   Let's have a Q & A on running your credit report.   Q: What is this "credit inquiry" that you speak of? A: Credit check. [...]

Woman Vs Home Buying

Today, we have Jessica, Real Estate Agent spilling the tea on buying your first home, picking the right one, and saving $$$ along the way!   What is the biggest misconception that people have when buying a house? The biggest one is that you need $30,000+ dollars to use as a down-payment. There are so many loans with zero money-down [...]