Man Vs Applying For A Loan

When you apply for a loan, what does the loan officer look at before approving or rejecting your application? Here's the inside scoop on what matters to your lender.   Whenever you apply for a loan, your financial institution will evaluate your loan application, decide if you're going to be a good or bad risk, and make [...]

Man Vs 1 Down!

So... you have, or are about to, pay off your credit card. What happens now? Pay off other debts. If you owe on your car, student loans, mortgage, or whatever... keep the momentum going! The best part is that you've just freed up some cash to pay them off. Prioritize your loans according from highest [...]

Man Vs Credit Reports & Scores

  I don't care about my credit score.  You shouldn't either. Why? Find out here...   Everybody holds their cash close and their credit score closer.   Not me. I don't really care what my credit score is. I do, however, pay close attention to my credit report. You should too.   What's the difference? Credit [...]

Man Vs Your Income Tax Return

Ballin' in February. Broke in March. Here are 6 things you SHOULD be doing with that Income Tax Refund.   It seems like just last month we were saying “Ho-Ho-Ho” and throwing away disgusting fruit pies… and now it’s time to do Adult Stuff like wait for your W2’s to be mailed, file those taxes, [...]

Man Vs Paying Off Student Loans

The total outstanding student loan debt in the US is 1.2 trillion. That’s trillion with a “T”. Trillion with twelve zeros. $1,200,000,000,000+. I can't reduce the national average, but I can offer some creative tricks to paying off your student loans faster.   Student loan debt is the second-highest level of consumer debt behind only mortgages. [...]

Man Vs New Years Resolutions

What are you doing to improve your finances and stop being broke this year?   What COULD you be doing?     The only thing stopping you is...YOU.   Here's some things you should be doing this year: Build that dang budget, already! Seriously. A budget is the single strongest tool, and one of the [...]

Man Vs His Debt Payoff Mistakes

This month, I realized that I was making a HUGE mistake with my credit card debt, and it's time to admit it. Mr Krabs works for my credit card issuer, apparently. The average American household has about $13,000 in credit card debt, so my balance (about $4,000 at its max) is well below national average. However, [...]