Man Vs My Car Addiction

Here's how I justified spending $20,000 to save money.   Spoiler: It was money wasted. Don't make these mistakes.     From a young age, I have been a car guy. Since I was a little boy, I have been able to look at any car and tell you the exact make, model, and year [...]

Tonight, we feast!

  Guess who just paid off their student loans!?   A baby's laugh. A summer sunset over the ocean.   Our world is filled with so many beautiful sights, and tonight I was graced with one...     MY STUDENT LOANS ARE PAID OFF!!!!!!   Time to keep this momentum going and stay on course to [...]

Man Vs Paying Off My Mortgage

I promised you that I would pay off my mortgage in 6 years. I lied. Here’s what happened, and here's what will change.   The day before our vacation this past December, we had to replace our refrigerator. The very next day after we got back home, my husband had four wisdom teeth extracted. To add [...]

Man Vs New Years Resolutions

What are you doing to improve your finances and stop being broke this year?   What COULD you be doing?     The only thing stopping you is...YOU.   Here's some things you should be doing this year: Build that dang budget, already! Seriously. A budget is the single strongest tool, and one of the [...]

Man Vs 2016

As we approach the final days of 2016... It's important to reflect on our cash accomplishments of the year. Here's 5 things that I accomplished in 2016, and what I learned about myself by doing it. I went after a new position at work. I spent three years working in the same location, with the [...]

Man Vs His Debt Payoff Mistakes

This month, I realized that I was making a HUGE mistake with my credit card debt, and it's time to admit it. Mr Krabs works for my credit card issuer, apparently. The average American household has about $13,000 in credit card debt, so my balance (about $4,000 at its max) is well below national average. However, [...]

Man Vs In Store Credit Cards

What is the biggest money mistake I have ever made? A laptop, a credit card, a cosigner, and minimum monthly payments. How I turned an $800 purchase into $1,700 of debt one year later. After taking "time off" (Truth: Procrastination) from school, I started college in 2010. I was broke as a joke and I knew [...]